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JaP-Jacina is Czech company which has been specialized in development, manufacturing, deliveries and assembling of gates and loading equipment, as well as atypically designed closures with specific requirements to their functioning for both industrial and private use for more than 29 years.
Our portfolio of product families includes folding gates. We especially highlight the type AL JaP 15 made of aluminium profiles, with design and features perfect for aggressive surroundings such as car wash, tramway depots or similar facilities, where also cut-outs for trolley wiring are needed. And what’s more, this type of folding gates is unmatched for manufacture of architectonically demanding hangar gates.
For more information about our folding gates, please visit the specific product page.
Our company JaP-Jacina also focuses on flood defence systems and watertight closures. This range of products offers a wide scale of solutions for protection against torrential rain or floods. They are designed and tailor-made for residential buildings, industrial facilities, factories or even for entire territories within a flood zone.
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