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Prevents water from entering houses or other buildings. Easy to install in windows, doors, gates and other openings.

The flood protection system has been successfully tested for mechanical resistance and absolute impermeability during floods and fast water (e.g. cloudburst). Protection of openings of different widths.

Product description

Easy handling

Manual handling is facilitated by light weight and handles, larger sizes can be equipped with hinges or castors.

Quick activation

The plate is manually inserted into the foam-embedded stainless steel frame in the hole, latched and the EPDM seal in the profile around the perimeter of the plate is inflated to seal the hole using a manual inflator, compressor, CO2 canister or cylinder.

Easy storage

After the water has receded, the EPDM seal is blown out using a valve, the barrier is rubbed, cleaned and stored in the designated place after drying.


The JaP flood barrier has been certified for water seepage resistance and mechanical resistance. The result of the testing is a 100% waterproof barrier without compromising its functionality.

Product parameters


Standard dimension:

‣ Height 300-1200 mm

‣ Width 500-6000 mm

Other dimensions on request.

Contents of delivery

‣ Stainless steel strip permanently installed in the opening (window, door or gate)

‣ Removable portable barrier

‣ manual inflator, pressure bottle or CO2 bottle

‣ brackets for hanging


‣ frame made of special Al profiles in natural anodized finish

‣ filling made of Al sandwich sheets in RAL 9010 (white)

‣ inflatable EPDM seals in the profile around the perimeter of the plate

‣ automotive valve for inflating the seal, pressure gauge for checking the pressure in the seal

‣ side plugs or locking pins (the number depends on the size of the protected opening)

‣ handles for easier handling and storage

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