Steel/Aluminium Flood-Protection Barrier Doors

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Prevent water from entering houses or other buildings in the event of floods, flash floods or torrential rain. Easy and quick to activate when needed.

Product description

The leak-proofness of the door is ensured by a full-circuit inflatable EPDM seal located in the door leaf and a stainless steel strip in the door frame. In two versions - with water column height of 1 or 5 m, other atypical solutions on request. This system is activated by inflating the EPDM seal using a valve located in the box next to the door, either manually by inflator, compressor, CO2 bottle, pressure cylinder, or automatically by the control unit using a flood sensor, a button on the control unit or remotely. The standard features of these doors are the same as for conventional doors. Choice of left or right opening, colour, dimensions and other retrofitting.

Product parameters


  • Width: 0.8 to 1.2 m‣ Height: 2.0 to 2.2 m
  • Surface treatment: coating system according to ISO 12944-5, for corrosive environment C3 (medium), with medium life (M,5-15 years) until coating renewal, NDFT 180 μm
  • basic colour RAL 9002 and RAL 7016, other colours at extra cost
  • opening direction: left or right


  • Door leaf thickness: 62 mm
  • EPDM inflatable seal, inflation via valve to 3.5 bar
  • 3-piece (PPD-2) or 2-piece (PPD-1) aluminium hinge
  • 2-walled sash (2 mm thick sheet metal on the inside, 3 mm thick sheet metal on the outside)
  • filling: 60 mm thick mineral wool board
  • external all-round sealing (in the sash and frame)


  • two construction types (in the opening and in front of the opening)
  • four-sided perimeter corner frame with half rebate
  • 1.75 mm thick sheet metal frame profile with gasket


  • handle: stainless steel, handle height 1.21 m (PPD-1) / 1.05 m (PPD-2)


  • PPD-1 - water column height 1 m, lock and hardware (handle - handle) in the door
  • PPD-2 - water column height 5 m, lock and fittings on dry side, one side fitting, handle on water side, watertight insert
  • supplied with manual activation as standard, option to add automatic activation

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