Flood protection for the house and garden

Private dwellings need effective protection against flooding in the event of floods and inundation. The aim of the barriers is to divert the flood wave and reduce the risk of water entering the house.

Watertight doors

The door has a full-circuit inflatable seal, which ensures its resistance to water ingress into the house. The inflatable seal protection system must be activated in case of danger.


Effective protection of the entrance or doorway from the penetration of the flood wave is provided by a mobile barrier, which is inserted into the prepared lateral line in case of danger.

FLOM 500

The mobile barrier is used to divert and direct the flow of the storm surge around the building. It is lightweight, easily portable and does not require an underground structure.

Watertight barrier JPZ

An effective defence against groundwater infiltration into houses. Excellent for easy and quick installation in all openings of the house.

Watertight barrier DamEasy

Unique patented barrier with inflatable seal and universal design for different opening widths provides effective protection against water penetration into doors and windows.

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