Industrial Machinery

Efficient industrial technology helps facilitate the loading and unloading of materials and goods. It secures operations at the loading dock, improves the working environment and helps manage operations in demanding industrial workplaces.

Security features are an integral part of warehouses, loading and unloading points. With their help, these places become safer and you won't have to worry about possible accidents.

Wheel Guides

A highly practical accessory for truck loading and unloading points, ensuring that the truck is safely guided to the exact centre of the loading bay or hall doorway.

Locking Devices For Vehicles

A simple and very effective device that prevents premature movement of the vehicle or trailer in the loading area. The device is variable and offers solutions for different types of trailers.

Semi-trailer Support

The trailer stand provides safe support and prevents dangerous accidents when handling cargo. Its correct positioning under a fixed trailer at the loading dock prevents the trailer from tipping over or an accident if the chassis collapses.

Security Barriers | Dok-Guardian

Dok-Guardian barriers prevent the passage through the gate and at the same time serve as a safety alert thanks to reflective elements and bright colours. Thanks to its special design and practical materials, it is easy to fix and open.

Dock Lights

The dock lights help to illuminate the loading dock area well and at the same time manage energy efficiently. They can be equipped with a motion sensor and manual light intensity control. They have a practical design with a flexible neck that allows efficient illumination of desired areas.

Door lock | Door Deputy

Heavy industrial doors can be a source of unpleasant accidents. The Door Deputy door lock secures the door leaf in the desired position and prevents it from being accidentally moved or closed. The lock can be installed on either the left or right side of the door.


Powerful sensors activate necessary devices such as lights, doors and gates in time. The possibilities for use in industry are very wide. They increase safety. They have the maximum reliability typical of Japanese products, but are economically very interesting.
Individual safety features for the interior of industrial buildings provide greater protection for workers against accidents. They are thus ideal preventive measures for work and operational safety.


Interstorey gates protect workers handling materials or goods from collisions with forklift trucks. They are an excellent safety measure for areas where higher storage spaces are needed.

Safety Barriers | SpanGuard

The SpanGuard mobile barrier is lightweight and easy to handle. It effectively divides work areas or movement corridors. It demarcates space for worker movement, but can also serve as an effective fall barrier.

Protective steel structures and posts

When handling forklift trucks and pallet trucks, they often collide with structural elements of warehouses and industrial premises. Steel structures can protect these collision points and prevent damage.

Ceiling fan | Revolution HVLS

The powerful ceiling fan with a large blade range uses advanced technology. It improves the working environment, maintaining a constant temperature and airflow while operating highly efficiently. This results in energy cost savings.

CoolMan Fan

Especially in the summer months, an uncomfortable climate with high temperatures develops in the trailers of trucks. Loading and unloading materials becomes an unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous situation. The CoolMan fan increases the comfort at work, but also the efficiency of the workers.

Warning System | Safe-T-Signal

Handling equipment and people often meet in the same work area. This creates dangerous collision situations that can lead to serious injuries. The warning system can detect movement from different directions and effectively control the traffic with light warnings.

Light corners | Corner-Vu

Safely attaching the trailer before loading personnel enter or a forklift truck enters is essential. Lighted horns indicate whether the trailer is in the right place and properly secured. Coloured signals confirm the trailer is properly secured with green or warn of danger with red.

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