We are specialists in doors, gates, flood protection and loading technology

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Tradition and the future

We have been on the market for more than 29 years, we have a stable background and a clear vision for the future.
Technik v Praze nonstop

Market leader

We are a leading Czech manufacturer of flood protection systems.
Technik v Praze nonstop

The most extensive service network

We have 10 branches all over the Czech Republic that handle 15,000 service interventions per year.
Technik v Praze nonstop

Authorized partner of Rite-Hite

We are the exclusive dealer and representative for installation and service in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
Technik v Praze nonstop

The largest Hörmann dealer in Czechia

Since 2011, we have been the largest dealer in the Czech Republic for 12 consecutive years.
Technik v Praze nonstop

Unique test centre

We own a unique test centre for flood protection systems.

Gate systems

A well-chosen gate will secure the building against unauthorised entry. When needed, it keeps the temperature in the building stable, protects against fire, flood, noise or pressure waves. Gates can be standard size, oversized or completely atypical.


Flood protection

The fight with the elements is always unequal. That's why we focus on the production of flood protection measures that reliably protect your building from flood waves, flooding and torrential rain. The aim of our products is to divert the torrential flow away from the building and the built-up area.


Industrial technology

Handling materials is often very challenging. Efficient industrial technology can make it much easier. It will improve the working environment and the operation at the loading dock. It will increase the safety of the people who do the loading. Protects goods from the weather during handling.

Kinderhotel Aschauerhof

Our services

We focus on a comprehensive solution to the client's problem, from the demonstration of standardized solutions to the production of a customized product. We provide service and testing in demanding conditions.

Complete solution

We have top standardized production, but we can also find solutions for non-standard situations.

Service department

We provide regular reviews and inspections. We carry out routine, warranty and emergency repairs throughout the Czech Republic.


We produce our own products, but we also offer specialized activities in metalworking, metalworking and plastics processing.


In the showroom in Mnichovo Hradiště you will see our products in practice. You will try their activation and functions.

Testing centre

The unique test centre is a versatile solution for testing flood protection systems.

years of experience

Guarantee of precise work

We have many years of experience with many technologies, suppliers and unusual orders. We are not afraid of developing our own unique solutions or manufacturing atypical products. You can rely on our detailed work.


What our clients say about us

Over the years we have installed thousands of garage and industrial doors and gates. We have secured hundreds of buildings and entire city districts from flooding. We've also dealt with some very unusual requirements.

As CEO and founder of ESTHI, I am proud to have JaP Jacina as a reliable and professional Partner for the last 10  years which allow us to extend every day our service to the French Flood Defense Market.
Loïc Perret
We are completely satisfied with the delivery of gates and fences on jointly realized orders. The agreement and installation were quick and in order. Next time we order a garage door, we will definitely contact you again.
Libor Nikodem - Managing Director
I have always been satisfied with both the delivery of the new doors and the communication with the sales manager during the execution of these orders. They have always tried to accommodate us and find the most advantageous solution to our maximum satisfaction. Cooperation with JaP-Jacina, s.r.o. was always on a professional level and I can recommend their services.
Ferona, a.s. (Branch Liberec)
Pavel Koutecký - Head of Technical Unit
I would like to commend the installation crew that installed our garage door. Thank you for your professional approach and very pleasant demeanor.
Brno - Private investor
Sectional garage door
We have been cooperating with JaP-Jacina for many years, they are always accommodating and willing to address our individual needs. Mutual cooperation is beneficial for us because they can provide fast service at all our sites around the country.
Shipping company
Fire protection gates
We have been using JaP-Jacina's service for 3 years. Not only have they always provided repairs to all damaged equipment, but they have come up with solutions to prevent similar situations from happening again. I appreciate their proactive approach, reliability and professionalism.
Automotive company
Industrial gates

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