Gate systems for industrial buildings

For industrial buildings, we supply classic industrial doors, fire doors and special or atypically designed doors. You can choose the type of door and the opening method tailored to your facility. You can also secure your building against intrusion with gates, fences and barriers.

Fire doors are highly efficient and highly desirable devices whose main task is to separate the required sections. In the event of a fire, this prevents the fire from spreading. Therefore, fire doors are an integral part of all modern buildings. They are usually installed in industrial halls, commercial buildings and also in residential buildings. Fire doors can be operated manually or by means of an electric drive. The door can be connected to an EPS system and can close automatically in the event of a fire.

Special doors have some additional functions. These include increased protection against cold, frost, noise or pressure waves. We also offer doors with extra dimensions such as hangar doors. Atypical door systems require detailed project documentation including structural calculations. This is always drawn up on a case-by-case basis, and its approval by the main investor and the designer is a prerequisite for starting production of these doors.

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