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Special doors to minimize contamination in sterile environments such as hospitals, laboratories or pharmacy areas.

Product description

Doors for clean environments are specially designed to minimize the penetration of dirt, contaminants or harmful substances between two different spaces, at least one of which is a space with high air purity or specific climatic conditions.

In a medical or pharmaceutical context: cleanroom doors may refer to areas such as operating theatres or laboratories with high standards of cleanliness where special doors are required to minimise the ingress of micro-organisms or contaminants and to provide a clean and sterile space for surgical procedures or pharmaceutical production.

In scientific or research facilities: cleanroom doors may apply to entrances or exits to laboratories or facilities that require higher levels of air cleanliness and minimisation of contamination, such as laboratories for research and development in microelectronics, optics or nanotechnology.

In industrial facilities: cleanroom doors can be used in industrial facilities where there is a need to minimise the ingress of dust, dirt or contaminants into a particular space or area, such as production lines for the electronics or pharmaceutical industries.

In controlled environment areas: Cleanroom doors can also be used in environments where controlled climatic conditions need to be maintained, such as manufacturing facilities or laboratories that require constant temperature, humidity or other environmental parameters.

doors for clean environment

The main advantages of doors to clean environments:

  • Speed - the door is classified as a high-speed door with a speed of up to 2,5m/s.
  • Impact resistance - the door can withstand the impact of handling equipment without damage.
  • Self-repairing - if the door is crashed and can automatically retract and reopen without the need for service intervention.
  • Smooth surface - allows for easy cleaning, plus some types of doors have increased resistance to varying air pressure in different areas.
  • Special sealing - minimises the penetration of air, dust, smoke, odours or pests.
  • Light transmittance - the door can be supplied in a variant with increased light transmittance designed either with transparent windows or in a fully transparent variant.
  • Security features - the door can include security features such as emergency opening, sensors or alarms.
  • Resistance to corrosive substances - the door can be resistant to corrosive substances used in cleaning or disinfecting the premises.
  • Design - the door can be printed with your own motif or you can choose a surface that transmits up to 30% light.
  • Non-standard dimensions - The doors can be adapted to the specific needs of the operation, such as size, location, opening or closing, allowing for optimal integration.
  • Easy maintenance - The doors have plastic guides that do not need to be oiled, minimising the need for servicing.
  • Energy efficient - the door operates on the principle of gravity, thus saving the cost of closing the door.

Product parameters

Doors for clean environments are custom made to meet the specific requirements of the environment. It is possible to adapt the design, materials and construction of the door to the specific conditions in which it will be installed.

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