Career at JaP-Jacina

Do you want to work in a purely Czech company with many years of tradition and perspective?
Do you prefer the atmosphere of a family business to a cold corporate one?
Are you tired of stereotypical work and like to come up with new ideas?
Thanks to the individual approach to each job, the work at JaP-Jacina is varied, diverse and often requires inventiveness and creativity. We have many such colleagues. We are a company with a tradition since 1994, with a clear vision and plans for the future. We offer interesting remuneration, a human approach, but we also look forward to our people getting to places that are inaccessible to ordinary mortals; production plants, warehouses, water treatment plants or the background of shopping centres, airports, metro tunnels or even the cable car station to Sněžka. Our specialty is atypical products that protect against the elements.
We're looking for people, not numbers or machines.
Maybe you'll be the one to help us make the world safer.


  • Motivating salary remuneration
  • quarterly bonuses and extra vacation days if the company performs well
  • Employee perks and benefits (lunch allowance/vouchers, loyalty bonuses, etc.)
  • background of a prosperous company with history and future, stable long-term employment
  • modern premises and working equipment
  • own canteen and 3 lunch suppliers in Mnichovo Hradiště (daily choice of more than 12 lunches)
  • opportunity for personal and professional development, career growth within the company
  • zajímavou práci s využitím moderních informačních technologií
  • a job training plan to help you in the first few months
  • company events and activities to bring the team together
  • educational courses and training
  • a reward for referring a new colleague to our open positions
  • discounts with business partners
We have an administrative centre directly at our headquarters in Munich Hradiště, where most of our departments are located. The company management and the management of the service and sales department are located here. The finance, design and personnel departments as well as marketing have their offices here.Our production halls and warehouse buildings are located in Munich Hradiste. There is a showroom with product demonstrations and a test centre for flood protection products for our clients. From here we also manage and execute most new orders through the assembly department.Our service and sales departments are represented at our branches in the Czech Republic.


Do you like to travel and visit interesting places? Our service department is always looking for new colleagues to work in our branches across the country. Thanks to its many years of experience, JaP-Jacina is a partner of a large number of door technology manufacturers on the market. Both project managers and professional experts can find employment here. Among the most in demand are electricians and locksmiths. In addition to the installation of new products, the service department provides regular inspections and checks. There are also trips for routine, warranty and emergency repairs.


We invent and develop many products ourselves. We are looking for creative professionals who like to find solutions where there are none at first sight. And "can't" is not the answer for them. In this department, there is no danger of stereotyping. As reinforcements for the design department we are looking for specialists who know 3D modelling, technical drawing or can calculate the properties of the materials used. The design department also takes care of our test centre, where we simulate various situations to perfectly test our products before they enter the market. For the record, the licenses for the programs we use alone have cost us over CZK 2 million in the last 5 years.

Sales department

A well-run business is about constant communication and friendly relationships that must be nurtured regularly. But as an experienced salesperson, you know this.Depending on your experience and preferences, you can either cater to clients in the private or industrial sector. Traders with superior language skills are welcome in foreign trade. We supply our products to many countries around the world.Are you interested in trading in top quality gate, flood protection and industrial technology products? Write to us...


We specialize in precision metal fabrication. You will meet CNC machine programmers, machinists, welders, locksmiths and painters.They have CNC equipment (laser, punching centre, modern bending machine, shears), lathes, milling machines, drills, paint boxes and most often metalworking machines.In addition to serial production we deal with many non-standard orders. This is an ideal opportunity for workers who do not like stereotype.So, will it be serial metal production or do you want to focus on non-typical orders? Contact us.

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