Security boxes

Safe deposit boxes are used to secure valuables, important documents, as well as personal weapons. They can protect your valuables against destructive forces of nature, theft and misuse.

Black Box

Protection for documentation, photos, storage media, but also, for example, cash that can withstand fire, water and wind. In the event of a natural event such as a flood, a fire in the building or even a storm, your most valuable belongings remain safe.

Security Box

The compact safe deposit box is designed to secure documents, cash, jewellery or short firearms. Thanks to the practical display case with lighting, you have a constant overview of your stored items. The locking of the box is by means of a practical and easily accessible keypad.

Gun Box

It is the duty of the owner of a firearm to keep it well secured. With Gun Box you will have a good overview of your personal weapons, but at the same time they will be safe from misuse. There are variants for both short and long guns.

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