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Product description

More than a safe

Fire, water, wind - these are unpredictable elements that can do tremendous damage and can't always be prevented from destroying our homes. In recent years, we've encountered these more and more often, and the outlook for the future doesn't look too optimistic either. That is why we have decided to use our knowledge and produce a product that can help you in these situations.

This "black box" will protect any hidden documents, photos or even data storage media from damage. In the event of a sudden disaster, it will take care of the safety of your belongings and preserve at least a piece of your home.

Product parameters

  • 100% waterproof up to 3 m water column
  • Fire resistance
  • Still waterproof after being hit by fire and fully fireproof after being flooded with water
  • Resistant to mechanical damage (earthquake - building collapse)
  • Protection against theft - security class Z2
  • Protection against burglary - resistance level S1
  • Burglary resistance 15RU

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