Fireproof rolling doors EI60

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The door is made of galvanized steel double-walled slats, which are filled with a special fireproof insulating material

Product description

The door is designed for indoor installation. In the case of installation in the building envelope, the door must be fully protected against weather conditions, e.g. by a shelter, vestibule, etc., because the characteristics of watertightness, resistance to wind load, heat transfer coefficient and air permeability have not been determined, or have been assigned class 0.

Fire-resistant roller shutter doors - resistance EI 15 - EI 60

Construction type DP1

The door meets the requirements of the standards and is CE marked

Tested according to EN 1634 and classified according to EN 13501

Service life C2 according to EN 12605

Safety features according to EN 12453

Smoke-tight variant (optional - extra charge)

Tested to EN 1634 and classified to EN 13501

Product parameters


*Dimensions mean the structural dimension of the closure
Width: 2.000 - 3.300mm
Height: 2.510 - 3.900 mm


The door must be fixed in a solid support structure with a minimum volumetric mass of 600 kg/m3 and a minimum wall thickness of 250 mm


This function is optional - at extra cost (Smoke protection Sm according to EN 13501)

Surface treatment

Steel slats with zinc coating. RAL finish on request.

Door armour

The door armour consists of slats that are connected to each other.


Double-walled made of galvanised steel sheet

Lower end profile

U profile made of galvanised sheet steel, to which a C profile is attached at the bottom, into which a silicone sealing contact strip is inserted

Guide rails

Galvanised steel profiles

Above-threshold seals

Special profile with sealing foaming tape

Slats winding

Slats are spiral wound on the sides, no contact between the slats


Made of steel sheet in grey

Drives and control units

Nozzle drive with integrated anti-fall device.
Electric actuator Type TAR (electrically operated) 400 V, 50 Hz, 60% ED, IP 54, emergency release by hand crank. Operation at temperatures -20/+60°C. Control unit CS310 with battery backup, contact rail with optosensors, CEE socket 16A/5-pin.


Photocells, beacon, audible alarm, external control button

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