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Sectional doors are one of the most widely used doors in industry because they do not take up much space and do not reduce clearance.

The door consists of hot-dip galvanized insulated or uninsulated slats, treated with a high-quality plastic coating made of polyester. They are connected by fastening components and form a movable door leaf that moves with ease in the steel guide rails. They do not take up space and do not reduce clearance.

An important consideration at the design stage is the correct choice of fittings, particularly with regard to the height of the hall, as the guide must not restrict traffic.

Product description

Sectional doors are one of the most widely used doors in industry, as they do not take up much space and do not reduce the passage. A very wide range of sectional door types with different degrees of complexity will satisfy every customer who can choose an economical yet optimal door system for a given operation.

Design solutions

The door consists of slats - sections - from 375 to 750 mm high, which are stacked on top of each other and connected by hinges to form a movable door leaf. The slats move by means of pulleys in the C-profile guide. A torsion spring system is placed above the opening to balance the weight of the door leaf.

Material used

Steel slats - hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with PU-foamed plating - hot-dip galvanized steel


Single-walled - cost-effective (for warehouses, agricultural buildings, etc.)

Double-walled - insulated with polyurethane foam = cost-effective investment Built-in doors of 4000 x 4000m fully insulated have k= 0.95W/m2K !!!

framed from aluminium profiles - suitable for architecturally demanding buildings

Colour version

  • standard colour - white
  • also according to RAL scale in most colours


  • partial glazing with windows
  • Fully glazed door (aluminium frame glazed with insulating acrylic)

Door control

  • mechanically
  • electrically operated
  • The opening speed can vary from 0.18 to 1 m/sec depending on the selected electric operator.
  • Control options: push buttons, remote or pull switches, induction loops, etc.
  • It is always equipped with an emergency manual control, hand chain or hand crank


  • Security of the bottom edge of the door with a contact safety bar
  • Finger pinch protection

Built-in door

  • fitted with a top self-closer
  • for electrically operated doors with limit switch
  • left or right
  • always opening outwards

Building readiness

Roller doors are installed behind a finished, sealed opening on a finished floor. Before starting the assembly work, the site must be prepared according to our instructions, i.e. to keep the size of the prescribed - agreed cleaned construction opening, to ensure the possibility of fixing the ballast brackets and rails to a solid base (in case of covering with plasterboard, consultation with the company's technician is necessary), as well as a solid lining and a solid lintel, so that the assembly work can be carried out without interruption.

Note: no electrical wiring, water, heating, etc. must be installed in the lining (in the wall) and in the lintel (in the wall), otherwise consultation with the company's technician is required.

Different types of fittings - allow to adapt to each door opening and interior part of the hall

Product parameters

Industrial section doors are manufactured according to specific requirements for functionality and dimensional solutions.

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