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The industrial rolling doors are available in steel and aluminium slats, insulated or non-insulated. They are always supplied with an operator.

Product description

Roller doors are designed for areas with heavy daily traffic. They are particularly suitable as a closure for large building openings, occupying only a small space above the opening, which is important e.g. in halls with crane tracks, high column forklift operation, lifting platforms etc.

Roller grilles find application in underground garages, collective garages and sales arcades.

Design solutions

The roller door system is based on the principle of insulated or non-insulated slats, rolling when moving on a shaft located above the opening and always driven by an electric actuator. The shaft is fitted with a safety catch and can be fitted with a ZAK system (forced movement of the shaft horizontally away from the wall, thus compensating for the changing diameter of the bale depending on the opening of the door).The door armour is inserted into the brush rails on the sides and secured against ejection.

Material used

Door armour

  • made of rolled aluminium sheet, natural or sprayed
  • Galvanised steel sheet
  • stucco finish
  • smooth with spraying


  • insulated
  • non-insulated
  • glazed
  • various designs

Colour designs

  • Standard colour white
  • other colours at extra cost


  • Different types of glazing profiles for insulated and non-insulated slats
  • max. glazing of the sash area 75%
  • special offer - triangular glazing

Door control

  • usually equipped with electric drive* manual operation
  • for smaller construction openings
  • for less used doors
  • no access to electricity
  • simple operation - manual rod to roll open the door
  • Closing - burglar protection by means of a double dosaic lock with four deadbolts and two bar bolts
  • coil springs - compensate for the weight of the rolling armour
  • stop springs - secure the armour in the upper end position


  • If the door is smaller than 2.5m, it is equipped with an anti-pull (clamping) safety device.


  • behind the opening (on the inner wall)
  • in front of the opening (on the facade)
  • no space for internal fitting
  • special explosion protection is prescribed (the door leaf cover is made of galvanised steel sheet or stainless steel to protect the leaf against weathering and dust)
  • fitting in the opening (in the jamb) - the clear passage through the opening is reduced and narrowed

Built-in door

The infill is the same in appearance as a roller door or grille. The tubular frame at the bottom of the door ensures high dimensional stability. Only roller shutter doors with a fixed field can be fitted with a door leaf. The fixed panel and the connecting roller leaf are made of the same profiles.

Construction readiness

The roll-up door is installed in (behind or on top of) the finished floor opening. Before starting the assembly work, the construction site must be prepared according to our instructions, i.e. the size of the prescribed - agreed cleaned construction opening must be observed, the possibility of fixing the roll brackets and rails to a solid base must be ensured (in case of covering with plasterboard, consultation with the company's technician is necessary), as well as the lining and the solid lintel must be fixed so that the assembly work can be carried out without interruption.

Note: no electrical wiring, water, heating, etc. must be installed in the lining (in the wall) and in the lintel (in the wall), otherwise consultation with the company's technician is required.

Product parameters

Industrial rolling doors are manufactured according to specific requirements for functionality and dimensional solutions.

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