Fireproof fabric roller shutter

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Textile fire closures are increasingly in demand as a fire closure in modern buildings as well as in reconstructed buildings, mainly due to their space-saving design and favourable price.

Textile fire dampers are not designed for physical separation of spaces, but for securing openings and penetrations through building structures in terms of fire protection in all common fire resistances.

Product description

Textile fire closures by fire resistance classes

  • E - prevents the penetration of flames or hot gas
  • EW - limits the penetration of radiation that could be hazardous to adjacent material
  • EI - in conjunction with sprinklers or water curtains, forms thermal insulation
  • EI - thermal insulation without drenching

Textile fire dampers by design and location

  • Automatic textile fire dampers for wall openings
  • Automatic textile fire dampers for openings in the ceiling
  • Space-forming fire dampers
  • Fire dampers for the facade in the corner of the building
  • Fire closures for openings in the façade with small building spacing
  • Fire stops for openings in a façade with a canopy
  • Textile fire dampers against fire skipping
  • Automatic textile fire dampers forming sections

Product parameters

Fireproof fabric roller sutters are manufactured according to specific requirements for functionality and dimensional solutions.

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