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High-speed doors have recently found increasing use in industry. This is mainly due to heat savings, but also to keeping the working environment clean. Placing two doors behind each other in a vestibule, with the doors being blocked against each other from opening, fulfils this condition best.

Product description

With these doors it is very important to choose the right activation method, which can be again varied - from push button to remote control, induction loop, light beam or radar. Closing is generally automatic after a set time has elapsed.

Design solution

  • The design of the door is mainly a quick-release door, which can be rolled up or sideways. The door panel is made of durable PVC fabric with a transparent strip.
  • Opening speeds range from 0.8 to 3 m/s.
  • In order to select the appropriate door system, we must distinguish between interior and exterior doors.

Exterior high-speed doors

Cost-effective doors with 1.5 mm thick panels. The optically matching aluminium profiles and especially the door leafs guarantee stability and high tightness of the door. Thanks to the wind-resistant profiles, the door can withstand wind loads of up to 70 km/h. The frequency converter of the door is 1.1 kW. As standard, the door is equipped with a bottom knock-out bar with safety beam.  The door can be supplied in a choice of five standard colours. Standard with FU-control, foil Open-Stop-Close button, emergency switch, connection cable with CEE plug, integrated automatic closing light barrier to control the travel route at the side rails, self-closing edge security.

Interior quick-action door

Noiseless door for areas with strong draughts. In halls with low noise levels, the door must make little noise and move quickly and reliably even in high draughts. For this reason, the door is equipped with spring steel wind bracing, which gives the door the necessary strength of the casing. With the optional frequency converter control, the door can reach speeds of up to 3 m/s. As standard, the door is equipped with a bottom knock-out bar with safety beam.  The door can be supplied in a choice of five standard colours. Emergency opening by hand crank or automatic opening by USV in case of power failure (FU control, 230 V)


Safety is very important for high-speed doors. In most cases, a safety contact bar and a safety stop are used on one or both sides of the door opening. For automatic and manual operation, the door is equipped with a safety photocell in the door plane and a pressure bar.

Construction readiness

Quick-action doors are mounted behind or on the finished opening and on the finished floor. Before starting the assembly work, the construction site must be prepared according to our instructions, i.e. the size of the prescribed - agreed cleaned construction opening must be observed. the possibility of fixing the guide rails to a solid base must be ensured (in case of covering with plasterboard, consultation with the company's technician is necessary), as well as the lining and the solid lintel must be fixed so that the assembly work can be carried out without interruption.

Note: no electrical wiring, water, heating, etc. must be installed in the lining (in the wall) and in the lintel (in the wall), otherwise consultation with the company's technician is required.

Product parameters

Industrial high-speed doors are manufactured according to specific requirements for functionality and dimensional solutions.

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