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Pressure-gas-tight closures serve as protection in cases of increased risk of terrorist attack or war threat.

Product description

Locks are made of steel and consist of two parts, namely the leaf and the frame. The weight of the closure can reach up to 3 600 kg. Pressure resistance is ensured by the construction of the leaf supported by the frame. Gas tightness is ensured by a special rubber seal.


The closures are used for active civil defence. The gas cap is designed to separate two spaces with different pressure and ensure gas tightness. A similar design can also be used for watertight gates to protect subways and similar areas from flooding.

Product parameters

  • pressure resistance of the closure 0,85 Mpa
  • gas tightness 0,3 Mpa
  • manual operation only
  • the leaf can be opened up to 180°

Pressure caps are manufactured according to specific requirements for functionality and dimensional solutions.

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