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Rolling spiral doors are designed to separate fire compartments inside halls and buildings. The slats of the door leaf are rolled into spirals on supporting brackets, so that when the door is rolled up, there is a free space between the slats.

The slats do not rub against each other and therefore the finish is not damaged as with conventional roller doors. A further advantage of spiral doors is that they can be manufactured to fire and smoke regulations at the same time. Fire-resistant doors are made to order according to the required dimensions of the building opening.

Product description

Safety features

A safety contact strip is attached to the bottom edge of the door leaf. If the door comes into unwanted contact with an obstacle during closing, the direction of movement of the door leaf is reversed.

The spiral door is equipped with an electric operator with integrated fall brake. The drive includes a back-up power supply, which ensures that the gate is closed in the event of a power failure. The size of the drive and the fall brake is always sized according to the weight of the packing of the order. In the event of an alarm, the door is closed automatically by a signal from the EPS.

Door slats

The door leaf is made up of double-walled horizontal slats which are connected by screwed hinges. The slats are filled with geopolymer and mineral wool. As standard, the door is made of galvanised steel. On customer's request, the product can be finished with a RAL colour finish.

Product parameters

Spiral guides

The return leaf moves by means of rollers in the guide rails and is wound into a spiral by means of a chain transmission. The roller is fixed on supporting brackets. The return wing reaches a speed of 0.07 m / 1 s.

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