Doors for portal cranes, trams, trolleybuses and cableways

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The group of atypical gates also includes specialised gates for transport and handling equipment tracks. These can also be made up of a set of several types of gates covering the opening for, for example, the overhead crane track, including the opening for the removal of the suspended load from the production hall to the storage and dispatch area.

Product description

The entire system is controlled by a proprietary control unit developed by us, which guarantees the correct coordination of the opening and closing of the individual parts of the entire system. In the prefabrication plant in Čeperka, our firm implemented not only the sectional but also the above-mentioned non-standard door for the above-mentioned overhead crane track, including the opening for taking the suspended prefabricated product out of the prefabrication plant.

Product parameters

Special industrial doors are manufactured according to specific functional and dimensional requirements.

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