Automatic Anticontamination Barrier - extendable

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The anti-contamination barrier is used to catch the initial leakage of substances from the storage room and to catch contaminated extinguishing agents from the firefighting operation. The barrier can also be used against torrential rain. This type of barrier is fully automatic.

Product description

As standard, the barrier is in the open position and allows smooth operation. In the event of an alarm (EPS signal or flood sensor) or the use of a control on the control unit, the barrier is closed and fixed in the working position. For safety reasons, the barrier can only be opened by means of the control element on the control unit, for example when the danger has passed, for the passage of equipment, etc. The barrier includes light and acoustic signalling of the barrier movement. All functions of the barrier are preserved even in case of power failure from 230V power supply (provided by 12V operational battery). The anti-contamination barrier is standardly manufactured in aluminium with surface treatment of all visible surfaces.

Product parameters

Standard equipment

- Automatic gate locking

- Control unit

- Acoustic and optical signalling of gate closure

- Connection to EPS system

- Level sensor

- Own backup power supply in case of power failure

- Colour RAL 3020 - Signal Red

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