INOVA AL - Flood protection line barrier - with substructure

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The linear mobile embankment creates an arbitrarily long vertical wall, capable of holding and diverting flood waves and standing water from rising river levels. It protects subdivisions, mainly inhabited parts of towns and villages, but also individual buildings.

Product description


4 men can erect a 100 m long and 1 m high mobile wall in 1-2 hours without the use of mechanization, so during floods even in hard to reach places.


The INOVA Al barrier can be built in unlimited lengths and its certified height is up to 5 metres.


Compared to sandbags, for example, the INOVA Al barrier solution is in every way more economical, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and more reliable.


Compared to sandbags, for example, the INOVA Al barrier solution is more economical, greener, more efficient and more reliable in every respect.


The INOVA Al linear mobile barrier has been tested and certified for water leakage resistance and mechanical resistance up to a water level of 5m.

Product parameters

Lateral guidance

The lateral line consists of a special aluminium U-profile with a vertically inserted EPDM rubber seal.It is necessary for starting or ending the linear wall and there are several variants, two basic ones - concreted and additionally anchored to the existing wall or building. The lateral is protected against damage when the mobile elements are not installed by an aluminium cover.


Aluminium columns divide the mobile wall into smaller sections. Depending on the situation, the corner posts are also at the exact angle required. The column is fastened with screws to the anchor foot. From a height of 2.4 m, a column with a stop is used. All post types can be installed without any mechanisation, with a maximum post height of 5 m.


The system is based on profiled aluminium gates, which have excellent mechanical properties and low weight. They are inserted between the individual posts or side rails. A special bottom gate is always installed first, which also has a microporous threshold seal capable of compensating for larger irregularities of up to 15 mm. The length of the gate is chosen according to the required load, usually ranging from approx. 1 m to 4 m.

Anchor foot

The anchor foot is the fixed element of the system on which the posts are mounted. The type of footing depends on the type of column. The footing is made of stainless steel material and its lower part is welded to the reinforcement of the substructure of the system and then concreted.


In order to achieve maximum tightness of the railing, the inserted gates are compressed with pressure plates, which are installed by inserting them into the groove of the column or lateral and then tightening them. Several types of clamps are available for both posts and laterals, including a lockable version to prevent accidental removal.

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