Passive Dam

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The barrier is designed to protect buildings, underground garages, storage areas and land from the danger of flooding and storm water. Without any operator intervention or automatic sensors and without the use of external power sources, it operates autonomously. The barrier is freely passable in its resting position and allows free passage.

Product description

Barrier activation

The barrier works automatically on the principle of buoyancy and is connected through a drain pipe to the sewer. If the drainage system reaches its maximum capacity during a flood, the barrier is automatically activated and retains the excess water. The barrier operates continuously depending on the water inflow rate and closes itself when the water recedes. However, it can also be opened manually with a winch for maintenance purposes.

Product parameters

  • All components are made of anti-corrosive materials.
  • Dimensional solutions are always tailor-made.
  • Load capacity up to 12 tons (valid for 1 axle).
  • Minimum production dimension for water column 500 mm
  • Maximum water column 2,000 mm.
  • Standard width 3,000 mm, individual segments can be joined for larger widths.
  • Maximum road slope for barrier placement is 20%

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