Watertight sliding gates

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Protection of buildings and structures against water inundation due to floods, flash floods and torrential rains. The gates are equipped with a patented pressurised seal.

Watertight gates are the ideal solution for locations where you need to seal passages from the water very quickly. The gate can be locked with a sealing lock in two positions (closed gate lock / open gate lock).

Product description

The door can be divided into two basic parts - fixed elements and sliding leaf. Protection is provided by a special sealing profile, which is part of the sliding leaf of the gate. On one side of the opening there is an end post and on the other side a guide post. A threshold profile with a cover is built into the ground level. Under the cover is a track on which the gate leaf moves. If necessary, the sill profile covers and the post covers are removed, the gate leaf is mechanically inserted into the opening and sealed with pressure levers. The watertightness of the gate is ensured by a sealing rubber profile which is fixed around the perimeter of the travelling leaf. In normal operation, the gate remains in the open position and is secured by a pin with a lock.

Product parameters

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