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Shutoffs are used to secure manholes. The combined mechanical-gas mechanism ensures easy opening of the closure at all angles and facilitates the work of the manhole operator in lifting and entering the shaft.

The solid ribbed construction of the manhole cover ensures minimal deflection of the closure under full load, including point loads.

Our manhole covers are made only to order (atypical products) and are tested in our own test centre for flood protection systems.

Product description


  • central lock with the possibility of opening from both sides
  • Insulation
  • anti-slip surface
  • gas struts
  • distinctive symbols for open and closed position‣ can be supplemented with:

                                colour design of the hatch top plate

                                 safety yellow-black marking


The closures are designed for manholes with frequent opening frequency or for through manholes.

Product parameters


  • Load capacity up to 40 t (400 kN)
  • Watertight
  • Made of galvanized steel

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